May 24, 2024

Tech Education Trends That Can Disrupt Education

Disrupt Education

Technology is playing a fundamental function in content distribution, assessment of the learners, and delivering education. Technology has made education dynamic, relevant and practical. Approximately, 350 billion are investing in tech-education. But modern tech trends have disruptive to the education process. For example, augmented reality and artificial intelligence are the tech trends that effecting to education. Modern research has shown that U.S education has a growth of more than 4.5% in 2020. The main reason for education expanding is the virtual and digital classroom. The advanced technology has changed the phenomenon of traditional education. Let dissertation writing services discuss tech education trends that can disrupt education.

VR And AR Tech Education Trend:

VR and AR are the new trends in the education system. By utilizing this amazing method of learning, millions of students are getting a good education. These are tech-trends are used to make 3D movies that offer an immersive learning experience to the students. Most students are interested in the study of space, Milky Way and VR headgear. This educational method will provide excellent and amazing feeling to the students and they will imagine the outworld. But students will not focus on their learning journey; indeed, they will focus on floating and listening to the amazing facts of the space. So, this education trend is turning students’ attention and concern from their real purpose and just providing their fun.

Video-Based Learning:

According to modern research, 80% of internet users have grown due to video consumption. In the present situation, more than2.3 billion students are using YouTube for getting an education. They are getting an education through the use of videos. Students prefer to the video and they don’t like to read long paragraphs. By seeing videos, students comprehend concepts better and getting good knowledge.

But the main drawback of this tech-educational trend is that students are not paying attention to their work and other grammar rules. Indeed, they are spending a lot of time watching different videos just for entertainment. So, this tech-education trend has changed the complete system of traditional education.  Most students who are associated with higher education they need to comprehend the importance of time. Indeed, they should utilize the essential and appropriate method to get a high-quality education. Video-based learning is a quite trouble-free and cost-effective method of learning. But it has disturbed the education system. For instance, a student has open YouTube for information process, yet he is seeing other videos just for entertainment. In this way, we can say that video-based learning trend has influenced the education of the students.

Online Assessment Techniques:

Online assessment technique is another tech education trends that can disrupt education. As we know that the education process depends on the examination. Through the examination process, students’ performance can be evaluated. Through, it is a traditional method of students’ assessment, yet it is quite able and effective to check students’ manual evaluation. However, online exams are grabbing the attention of the students. This assessment process is not effective, because, it does not provide a holistic analysis of the students. By using different artificial intelligence process, students’ performance cannot be evaluated. These online assessment processes are not secure and disturbing the education system. I think all the universities should utilize the true and effective method of traditional examination for getting the good performance of the students.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence the education trend is the most dominant way of getting an education in the 21st century. It is also being utilizing in the multiple sectors. Higher education has introduced a lot of factors that are providing help to the students in their educational process. For example, facial recognition is a good form of the learning method. Facial recognition method can track the attendance of the students easily. Although, it is an unauthorized method of getting success in the examination, yet it has changed the minds of the students. It is not useful to present the effective performance of the students.

Self-based learning is also trending method of education that is disturbing the educational system. I think the real method of education should be introduced. Instead of tech education trends, students should provide complete awareness about the importance of the traditional method of education. I think students should comprehend that what is best for their future. For example, in the chat-based collaboration, student converts their attention from their real purpose and they pay attention to other things. They don’t focus on their students and they focus on chat.

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