May 24, 2024

English Grammar Rules & Usage You Must Follow for Essay

English Grammar Rules

Whether you are writing an essay or dissertation, following English grammar rules are indispensable. Although, English grammar is incredibly complicated, yet, its proper acknowledgement is necessary for getting success in life. English is an international language. Learning English grammar rules improve your writing and open new horizons of success in life. Here, experts of essay writing services UK are discussing English Grammar rules and usages that you must follow for the essay.

Follow Adjectives Rules

  • Adjective of quality: These adjectives show the kind quality or state of person or thing. Example, Fresh fruit, good boy, hot water, beautiful flower
  • Adjectives of quantity: These adjectives show the quantity of a thing. Example, A little money, some fruit, much bread, the whole property.
  • Distributive adjective: It shows that things have been taken separately or in groups. For example, each of the boys was there. None of them was a scout.
  • Proper adjective: This adjective provides information about proper things. For example, united state, British or Oxford University.
  • Possessive adjective: these adjectives are used in nouns and pronouns for showing their possession such as My Pen, Our College and My house.

Rules Of Preposition

A preposition is a word placed before a noun or a pronoun to show its relation to any other word of the sentence .the noun or pronoun or the noun-equivalent is called its object. Following all the preposition rules is most essential; therefore, you should follow it according to the grammatical rules and regulation.  For Example, the cows are in the field.

Conjunction And Interjection In The Sentences

Told by a cheap essay writing service, a conjunction is a word that joins together words sentences and clauses. For Example, “They are sad but hopeful”. An interjection is a word which expresses some sudden feeling. Read the following sentences. For example, “Oh what a nice view”,” Hello Saima how do you do”,” Hurrah today is a holiday “. Without adding interjection and conjunction, essay writing cannot be completed. Although these rules are very difficult to comprehend, yet, you should follow these rules in your writing.

Articles Usage In The English Language

“A or an and the” are called the articles. They are really demonstrative adjectives and show the real meaning of the words. Without using these articles, we cannot define the proper noun and common nouns. If you are writing any academic work, you must learn article usage.

Uses of the definite article: The is used when we talk about a particular person or thing or one already referred to [that is when it is clear from the context which one we mean. Without using the article, we cannot give speciality to the basic words. For example, “Let us go to school”. In this sentence “school” is a proper noun and we cannot write it without using” the”. If we will add “the” in the sentence then it will highlight the importance of this sentence.

Sentence Structure Rules

A sentence is a group of words that makes a complete sense. Sentence structure is the soul and body of the English language and without following its basic rule; you cannot write and convey your meaning. The basic and formal formula of the English sentence is “Subject+ Verb+ Object”. Therefore, all the students should learn and adopt this formula in their piece of writing. For Example, “Sana writes a letter”. As you see that we have discussed subject first and verb in the middle. You will find out the object at the last of the sentence.

Keep in mind that the phrase is quite different from the sentence and it does not convey the direct and simple meaning. A combination of words that makes sense but not a complete sense is called a phrase in the east.

  • In corner
  • On the river
  • through thick and thin
  • A bird in hand”

Use “Used To” For Past Habits

Told by an essay writing service, if a person used to a work in the past and you are going to depict its past habit is called a past sentence. It is the basic rule of the past indefinite tense that you should use “Used to” for describing any habit. Use “s” with a single sentence. For an interrogative sentence, you should use “Do or Does”.

Use Present Progressive Tense For Current Action

The present tense is all about our current situation. It depicts the present progressive tense all the circumstance that is happening in the current situation. For example, I am writing an article”, or “we are going to school”.

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