May 24, 2024

Is It Mandatory To Score 5.5 (IELTS) In Each Module To Apply For Student Visa?

Apply For Student Visa

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing Service. For the purpose of higher education and global migration, it is considered as one of the most popular English language proficiency tests. In the last year, more than three million students have taken this test. In the IELTS test, four types of papers are conducted. These four types of papers are listening, reading, writing and speaking. IELTS test is divided into two different modules. The first module is known as an academic module and the second module is known as general training. In both modules, the speaking and listening tests are almost the same but there is a difference between the reading and writing tests. Here, experts of cheap assignment writing services will provide complete detail about IELTS and its bands.

The overall score of your IELTS exam depends upon the average score of all the modules of the test. For example, if you get 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 bands in four different modules of IELTS, your overall score of IELTS exam will be considered as 6.0 bands. Therefore, we can say that it is not mandatory to score 5.5 bands in each module to apply for a student visa. In the listening paper of an IELTS exam, there is a total of forty questions and you are asked to give answers to these forty questions just within thirty minutes. In the reading paper of IELTS, there are also forty questions but you are asked to provide answers to these questions within sixty minutes. In the writing paper of the IELTS, there are two tasks and it is necessary for the students to perform these two tasks just within sixty minutes. The speaking paper of an IELTS exam is divided into three parts and it is necessary for the students to solve this paper just within eleven to fourteen minutes.

Most of the students are not able to understand how these band scores are calculated. In the listening and reading papers of an IELTS exam, there are forty questions are provided to the students and the bands depend upon the correct answers to these questions. For example, if you have provided correct answers to 39-40 questions, you will get the maximum band score of 9. If you provide correct answers to 37-38 questions, you will get a band score of 8.5. If you provide correct answers to 35-36 questions, you will get a band score of 8. On the other hand, if you provide correct answers to 11-14 questions, you will get a minimum band score of 4.0.

As we have discussed earlier that in the writing paper, the students are asked to complete two tasks. The bands of the students depend upon these tasks. In order to get the maximum bands, the students should try to present information in an accurate way, provide an overview of the topic, highlight the key issues of the topic and provide some supporting examples. In the speaking test of the IELTS exam, the bands are awarded to the students on the basis of fluency, lexical resource, grammar range, accuracy and punctuation. Before appearing in the IELTS exam, the students should try to prepare themselves because, without preparation and professional guidance, it is almost impossible for the students to get high bands in the IELTS.

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