June 19, 2024

Why The Number Of Suicide Tendency Among British Youngsters Is Increasing?

British Youngsters

Basically, suicide is an extremely multifarious action. The tendency of suicide in youngsters is very devastating in the British. A man commits suicide in the situation of hopelessness. Suicide can destroy the life of family and friends. Here, the professional writers of master dissertation writing services will discuss why the number of suicide tendency among British youngsters is increasing.  The action of suicide is preventable; therefore, it should be stopped. According to the Disease control centre, 57% of young people commit suicide every year

Drugs And Alcohol: The part of drugs and alcohol is very significant in the life of young people. Actually, young people misuse of these products and ruin their life. Approximately, 45% of young people are addictive of drugs and alcohol. The British government should check the supplies of drugs strictly.  The young generation is the future of any country; therefore, the suicide of youngsters is very harmful to the economic system of any country. If we see the history of disturbance of abuse, then we can assert that it has negative impacts on the minds of young people. The young people have no sense to judge what is the right way or wrong way. They have a lack of confidence, therefore, the commit suicide.

Lack of competence: British youngsters are not able to face the difficulties of life. Their minds are dull and they have no power to solve their problems. Actually, the role of religious values is very important in human life. In the British, no rules and regulation are set by religious members. Therefore, youngsters have no value in their life. In fact, in a little matter, they lose their hearts and commit suicide. The tragedy of young person death impacts on society.  The main reason for young people suicide is very complex.

Unemployment is the main cause of British youngsters’ suicide. They have not proper opportunities to gain success in life.  The role of social media is also very devastating, because, every person is the victim of isolation. They want to get escape from their loneliness and isolation, therefore, the commit suicide. However, the most important question is why British youngsters commit suicide and why they are hopeless at a young age. . Family breakdown and violence is the cause of a mental disorder. According to modern investigate, 77% of young people are facing family break down and violence problems.

Poverty is a complex condition, in which a person loses his heart. The social condition of the British countryside is very devastating. The fear of death is looming in the heads of citizens. The citizens are not secure in their houses. They want to get escape from this bad condition. They have no idea, no solution in order to solve their problems. Actually, a person commits suicide with a mental disorder. In order to stop the tendency of suicide in British youngsters, it is most essential to provide a new environment for young people. The proper and suitable job opportunities should be given to the youngsters.

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