May 24, 2024

10 Secrets of A+ Essays Revealed by a Topper

An essay is a formal piece of writing that a student writes for studies purpose. A well-written essay can give you good grades. Here are 10 secrets of A+ essays revealed by a topper. You should follow all these secrets in order to achieve an A+ grade.

  1. Use Power Words

You should use power words in your essay. What does it give you?

  • Your focus on using language effectively
  • Evade using the same words over and over again
  • You can toy with teachers ‘ emotions

What are the power words? They are words that trigger emotions. You should hide power words in your essay, and they can help to get on the right side of your professor.

  1. Write an effective introduction

An effective and informative introduction will give you good grades. You should write an informative introduction to your essay. An introduction is the most important part of your essay.

  1. Change your Tone

Your professor wants to sound academically in your essays. You can change your tone a bit. Yes, essays are formal, but it does not mean they should be boring. Use a positive tone of voice; make sure to write clear words and small sentences. You can express your thoughts in your essays. What it gives you?

  • You stand out from your fellows
  • You do not hide your personality
  • You make a professor, because, you have a voice.
  1. Start essays with Inspiring Quotes

Make sure you hide inspiring quotes in your essays, as they help you go up in professor’s estimation. You should start an essay with an inspiring quote in order to achieve an A+ grade.


Ronald John once said,” Be the revolutionize you desire to see in the world.”

  1. Try K- rule

You should try K-rule in your essays. K-rule provides a funny message for readers. It does not mean you should write a funny essay, but hiding some K-sounds in it play for your hand.

  1. Makeup your Language

Topper students use a proper language in the essays. You should make up your language.

  1. Add Humor

You should use humor in writing an essay. Add humor will give you good grades. It is important your reader can see the difference between the hook and essay. What does it give you?

  • You stand out
  • You match wits with fellows
  • If your professor reveals a message, you will get an A. You can become an internet star.
  1. Break Essay structure

What can do to beak an essay structure?

  • It will oil the path of your appearance and thoughts
  • It will make your essay simple to read and realize
  • It will make you worship writing (well, probably), as you blog a lot on social media
  1. Change Font

You should change the font of your writing. You can use Times New Roman or Georgia to print your essay. However, make sure it looks well when printed.

  1. Write a useful conclusion

You should write a useful conclusion in your essay. An impressive conclusion can give you good grades.

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