June 19, 2024

Is English Literature Coursework Different Than Assignment?

English Literature Coursework

Yes, English literature coursework is different than an assignment. It is because an assignment is a routine task just like an essay but coursework is a lengthy document. GCSE and A-level coursework are usually long. It is written like a dissertation and it includes proper research. English literature coursework is quite complicated. Students must understand the importance of writing English literature coursework. They need to craft well-written coursework to secure good grades. It does not matter which college or university you are enrolled in, you need to follow the same basic coursework structure. You need to invest time and a lot of effort into writing good coursework. You need to take your coursework seriously and get coursework help if you want to succeed. We will tell you how you can structure English literature coursework (which is not very different except in terms of the topic):

Choosing Topic Carefully:

In English literature coursework students either choose to draw a comparison or discover something new. Before starting you should have a complete understanding of the question in consideration. Sometimes the assignment’s topic is given by your teacher. You can discuss your likes and dislikes with your teacher. If you are assigned a topic that does not interest then probably you will have a tough time writing it. You can always go and tell your teacher about your problem. But sometimes you are allowed to choose the topic of your own choice. If you have an engaging topic you will enjoy writing. It will no longer feel like a boring academic task. Take advantage of the situation and choose something of your interest. Topic choices may vary from person to person. Choose what works best for you. But always follow the guidelines provided by your instructor.

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Planning Everything:

You should always start early. Sometimes students start late and leave it to the last minute. By the time students get familiar with the coursework’s guidelines and their topic, the deadline comes. English literature is a broad subject. You should never ignore the importance of starting your coursework early if you want to score well. It will save you from unnecessary stress. Make a clear plan and set deadlines for each portion or task. You will see you will end up completing your English literature coursework on time. Make a clear outline. Outlining means putting together all the plans of writing or making bullet points. Find out how you will write every chapter or paragraph. What will you write in the introduction? What will your main body include? How will you conclude your coursework? Note down the key points for your English literature coursework.

Conducting Proper Research:

This is the most important task in writing English literature. Coursework is based on extensive research. Make sure your coursework is based on the stats and facts. You should never take this step lightly. It can cost you dearly if you screw this up. Find trustworthy and authentic resources. Books, websites, and digital libraries are the best resources to extract information from. You can go to your local or institute’s library. Find a comfortable place and start doing your research. You have to do it precisely but quickly. There is no room for mistakes in this step. You cannot afford to ignore even a little bit of information. It can be helpful for you. This step takes most of the time so start early. There are a lot of digital resources like Jstor. You can also use Google scholar for useful research.

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Proofread And Edit The First Draft:

After doing research you write the first draft of the coursework. Never submit your first draft. When you reread it you will get to know that it has a lack of information. It still needs improvement. Formatting is not up to the mark. Write the first draft for yourself, not for submission. Take a break, treat yourself, and relax. But know that there is still some important stuff left to do. You should always proofread your final draft. Improving the first draft does not mean that your final draft will be free of any mistake. Now there are several online tools available that can do it for you. These tools can highlight your spelling and grammar errors. But it needs another human eye to make it free of any possible error. You can ask your friend or relative to do it for you. Feedback always helps. Read it as many times as possible. Check if formatting is like as guideline provided by your teacher. Add footnotes and bibliography. Never skip this final step.

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